How to Make Driverless Cars Behave

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Imagine you’re winding through the Pacific Coast Highway in one of Google’s self-driving cars, with the ocean on your right and the hills of Malibu across the opposite lane to your left. Just as you’re turning one of the road’s blind corners, another car whips around the bend in the opposite direction. Its brakes have failed, and it’s headed for your lane.

With little room to maneuver and no time for human intervention, your robot car faces a decision. It could turn inward and slam the brakes to avoid a head-on collision, but this would potentially let the other car sail over the cliff wall. Alternatively, your car could brace for impact, keeping both cars on the road but potentially injuring you, along with the other car’s passengers.

In a crash situation, we don’t have time to think about morality, and studies show we act more on instinct. But…

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20 Bold Business Models To Put Companies On The Path To Good | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

20 Bold Business Models To Put Companies On The Path To Good

If you’re in charge of a company that wants to become more sustainable, there are many ways to go, from tweaking existing processes, to making more fundamental changes. At the bold end are business model changes, where managers rethink every link in the chain. To give companies some food for thought, SustainAbility, a London consultancy, has compiled a list of 20 models serving sustainability ends. Below are 11, with a living example for each. Continue reading

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L.I.VE: Life in Venice by Ludovica Battaglia

Another beautiful piece from a Ca Foscari, University of Venice student Ludovica Battaglia on how sustainability is a personal and daily journey.

Talking about beautiful businesses, here in Italy, lots of ideas come to my mind! But, why should I think so ahead when sustainability is already a part of my daily life? Who hasn’t heard of Venice, or who hasn’t visited it at least once in their lives? Well, this time I don’t want to speak about its breathtaking beauty, but about its sustainable beauty.

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Pop-up Camper Businesses – A Tour de Force by Megan McAuliffe

The pop-up shop has emerged as an example of creativity and innovation. We welcome a brilliant guest article from blogger, journalist and writer Megan McAullife, who tells us about the amazing ways the phenomenon is developing.

It has been said that creativity thrives during tough times, so while the bucks are down we start to think outside of the box to find unique ways to do business. One such clever idea is the pop-up camper business, proving that if it’s a great idea with a positive force, you can take your business anywhere. Continue reading

Bio-House: Beautiful High Energy Saving Wooden houses by Debra Bessagato

Even in Italy beautiful businesses that support healthy living and sustainable lifestyles are taking hold. People are becoming more aware and are starting to help to reduce their impacts through their sustainable actions. Debra Bessegato, a postgraduate student at Ca Foscari University of Venice tells us more and outlines the case of Bio-House, beautiful high energy saving wooden houses. Continue reading

Con-fused Arts…Empowering women in Kenya.

Beautiful Businesses, the ones we support, are breaking the traditional mould and are interested in creating more than cash income. They contribute and support communities, they create independence and they reflect values. This great beautiful business does this and keeps the alive a legacy which can be traced back to the 70’s. This is Con-fused Arts, supporting women in Kenya. Continue reading

The Ethical Property Company….Creating Space and Time for Community Groups

Ethical, Beautiful businesses come in all shapes and sizes and are involved in a range of activities. This one is different to any we have covered so far, but shows beautiful businesses can be found anywhere. This is Ethical Property, a commercial property business with a difference. Combining the realities of business sustainability and economic necessity with a positive social and community ethos, Ethical Property proves any business can be a force for good. Located across cities in the UK, it has sister companies in France, Belgium, Holland and most recently Australia. Continue reading

Matrel Foods SA…Protein Alchemy from the Squid and Fish Business.

The aim of the beautiful business project is to create a sharing platform of ideas, inspiration and ingenuity from businesses that are sustainable, ethical and people first. Perhaps businesses which capture the spirit of creative, out-of-the-box thinking in these difficult times of challenge and change. This is a business I wanted to share. Coming to us all the way from Peru has so much potential and combines the beautiful with the ingenious and some may even say, the bizarre. Matrel Foods SA takes waste by-products from the fishing industry and creates something useful…something which can solve a global problem. Continue reading

Organiculture…Giving their all for the love of organic Italy

Some of the most beautiful business ideas emerge when you least expect it. Organiculture was formed in 2010 emerged when three friends were having dinner at home trying to figure out how and where to introduce Italian branded organic beauty products to the UK market. Food and friends provided the basis of OrganiCulture…how Italian ! But what makes this business special is their incredible dedication to their values. Continue reading

Japan under fire for scaling back plans to cut greenhouse gases | Global development |

Japan under fire for scaling back plans to cut greenhouse gases

Naderev SanoNaderev Sano, the Philippines negotiator at the UN climate talks in Warsaw, Poland, has begun a fast to protest against inaction on global warming, which he blames for typhoon Haiyan. Photograph: AP

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Emissions backtracking and climate Disasters

Our over zealous use of carbon and fossil fuels led the IPCC to give their most vociferous call yet to combat man made climate change. It is widely accepted that there is a link between climate change and extreme weather…wet, windy, hot, cold…we have it all in extremes. Yet we still ignore the risks and the warnings as rich countries make cuts to their emissions targets. Given the recent deaths in the Philippines caused by the worst typhoon ever seen, it’s not surprising developing countries are furious at the backtracking of the rich developed countries.

When will things change for the message to finally get though to the policy-makers? Darren Hoad B.A (Hons.), M.A. M. Phil. IEMA Certified Sustainability Practitioner CSR-P Do you know you’re beautiful? Twitter

All things Bright and Beautiful…..On the Bright Side High Vis

Beautiful businesses come in all shapes and sizes. This showcase outlines the excellent work and inspiration of On the Bright Side a beautiful new business which combines safety and recycling to create a new cycling and walking chic. The name refers both to the safety aspect of being conspicuous on the roads and to a general attitude – Be Safe… Be Seen…Be Bold…Be Bright. Continue reading

Flavours Holidays….putting the beautiful back in your travels.

Putting something back into local communities, wherever they happen to be, is an important part of being a beautiful business. This business not only puts back and supports local communities, it also showcases and promotes the best of artisanal, craft and traditional skills, wrapped beautifully in a bespoke holiday experience. Real experiences to take home, to promote and cherish. Continue reading