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Howies stuff

It’s always interesting to think about companies that make stuff. The first interesting thing is whether we need more stuff at all. The next thought might be whether the stuff has value and purpose and ethics. That might include thoughts about longevity and value and ‘who made what when’. It will always include lots of thoughts about associations and brand values that are too complicated to unravel. Howies went from small to big to small. Their stuff is still working for us a few years later. They used to talk about the ‘rocking chair’ test- perhaps they still do? Worth a look- their stuff.

One comment on “Howies stuff

  1. darrenhoad

    Thanks for the comments Gary – interesting what you say about Howies, as I know them quite well and you have to wonder about the tensions businesses like theirs face when confronted by the need to grow the business, the need to retain brand identify and how new values might be incorporated into this process. Their emphasis on organic is really interesting insofar as its different from the rest of the sporting clothing industry unless I am mistaken. Anyway they say…

    We are howies, a small active clothing company based in Cardigan Bay on the west coast of Wales.

    We make mens and womens clothing for the sports we love – biking, running and the outdoors, as well as for our day to day lives.

    We believe in a thing called quality. We believe that making a product which lasts longer is better for the environment. And we believe in making our stuff in a low impact way. So all of our t-shirts, sweatshirts and jeans are made from organic cotton and no silly stuff. After all, that just seems like common sense to us.

    By the way, we also believe that tea should be made in a pot. But that’s just our way…

    regards D

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