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Thermafleece UK: A Beautifully Woolly solution to home insulation and Co2


I often wonder about how we can create and develop beautiful solutions to serious problems. These are solutions which not only fit the bill and do the job, but also tick other boxes too. New figures released recently reveal that nearly half of Britain’s homes do not have adequate basic insulation and are throwing away at least £100 in wasted energy payments every year. According to Eden Renewable Innovations, a loft in a typical residential property, insulated with wool will result in a CO2 saving of 800kg per year, what’s more the wool itself absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it grows. During its lifetime, the average sheep absorbs more than 30kg of CO2 in its wool. In the UK, about 70m kg of CO2 is absorbed in the wool of the country’s sheep flock every year. Globally the figure is 3 million tonnes.
Thermafleece comes from Penrith a home of fells and sheep, in the county of Cumbria. They produce a range of thermal insulation material made from sustainable materials such as wool and hemp. Not only is this material more insulating and therefore an energy saver, it is easier to handle, less likely to include things like those nasty industrially manufactured fibres and of course is a CO2 absorbant.

Thermafleece has been available for more than a decade. At the heart of the company’s philosophy is the belief that products can be natural and sustainable without compromising quality or performance and making the most of nature’s resources. This is a beautiful business using a material which not only captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which helps reduce greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere. With its ability to rapidly absorb and release moisture, wool can help to control humidity levels and peak temperatures in buildings. It also has the unique ability to permanently absorb many indoor air pollutants, including formaldehyde and render them harmless. A truly multifunction product brought to you from the fells and doing what comes naturally!


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