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Shellfishy Business –

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Be you business or student, can I recommend a really excellent case study for you all. The Ethical Shellfish Company really float my boat (sorry for the pun) and tick all the beautiful business boxes. Based on the Isle of Mull among the Scottish western islands, the ESC are a family concern run by Guy and Juliet Grieve. I love their approach to fishing as a reaction against factory fishing and its indiscriminate and unsustainable methods. Dredging and trawling the sea beds providing cheap fish at a very high cost.  The Ethical Shellfish Company, Mull, ScotlandThe Ethical Shellfish Company say they will never sell shellfish that has been fished in a way that has caused damage to the marine environment. Their scallops are selected by hand with no damage to the seabed, no waste or bycatch, and small scallops are reseeded to ensure sustainability. As well as dive-fishing from their own boat in the Isle of Mull for exceptional quality king scallops they will buy shellfish from other fishermen whose methods come up to their own stringent standards, which are based on the simple philosophy of respect for the ocean. Follow the link and see what Guy is up to and how his business runs.


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