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Lyon: Business and Sustainability

photo2Last week (Jan 2013) I took two classes at IAELyon on Business and Sustainability. photo1Two groups, two days, lots of great ideas and beautiful conversations with students and their take on the world. Are French students any more forward looking than other students. Yes….and no. French kids are doing things a lot more naturally or organically though. They are just doing it and behaving sustainably is just part of their lives. Other groups I have come into contact with seem to need more direction. We explored some great areas such as sustainable product design and covered some great case studies – I liked the paper cup and the pen examples. photoSustainable production processes, where to intervene and where opportunities for sustainable actions are. Rightly or wrongly, they all seemed very tuned to the idea that economic survival is the primary motivation of business. Sustainability and ethics is a by product and only possible if businesses remain economically viable. One things for sure, they, like other students, value price, appreciate a bargain and they like to consume. Maybe quite a long way from value change, sharing and the leap of faith that the future needs…..?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


2 comments on “Lyon: Business and Sustainability

  1. anne guilhot

    Sure it was a pleasure for me, a very not young student in continue formation, to share with these young people, so kind. In fact, I did my studies while the second world petrol crisis. I’m so sorry but I have to say that the French society have not so go on in the sujet of saving enery. For example now, artificial freshing car and building are becoming the norme. Because people don’t accept natural température (no people want “iso-temperature!!” ) and because off industrial and economic lobby. Best regards. Anne

    • beautifulbusiness

      Thanks Anne it was a pleasure to have you in the class. Please keep in touch
      Regards Darren

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