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web-email-sig[1] I came across some time ago and wanted to share them with you. Not only are they a @beautifulbusiness, with great taste, they reflect one of the great dilemmas for many shops and ethical businesses; the collection. 23ab5a804651a02cb19adf87ae85c9d4Compiling and curating is an unenviable task in any field, but in their attempt to put together a collection of desirable, attractive and luxurious boutique items, has managed to pull off something very difficult. At the risk of over simplification, imagine compiling a playlist from your iPod for someone else or for a special occasion. Agonising over the choices is only natural. Would it be appreciated, acceptable, considered cool and worthy of attention? Would the listeners be horrified by your frightful choices, which serve to remind everyone of your poor taste and questionable appreciation of music.  Imagine the curator putting together a museum or gallery collection confronted with choices, periods and eras.

Putting together materials, whether they are art or artefact, music or jewellery is fraught with difficult challenges. For businesses the choices they make during the production process become a matter of fact; for the curator of a collection it is a matter of trust, based on the development of relationships with producers, artisans and suppliers.


Katiemosa Napkins £25.00

This @beautiful business,  called, was founded by Leona Mani and is a collection of beautiful designers, artisans and businesses under one roof and allows the time-poor and thoughtful consumer the opportunity of shopping in one place, knowing the collection is put together with an eye on ethical and social values. In that still-to-be found ideal world, consumers would take the time to make their own choices and explore and consider the origins, materials and ethical status of the goods and services they plan to buy. do something many consumers find it difficult to do, that is take time to make these choices. Collaborating with ethical consumers and developing trust between the curator, the producer and the consumer is at the heart of what this collection is about. Buying with confidence makes life better for all. This collection is a route to market for many small businesses, providing them with a platform for selling whilst allowing them to get on with the tasks of creating, designing and making.

There is little doubt that this is higher end consuming and the range of goods, such as luxury Aga toppers, eel skin iPad cases and personalised key holders, are reflected in the range of prices. But, remember, this is a collection of exquisite taste, fine craft and artisanship. Across the arts and crafts spectrum, wherever goods are produced, trying to reflect the market value of skill, heritage, design and creativity is not only important, it is also very difficult. Perhaps this collection reminds us of the value of all the creative industries, the importance of hand, eye and mind, over mass production and crushing machine uniformity.

KatieMosa Aga Topper £25.00

KatieMosa Aga Topper £25.00


Heidi Mottram Eelskin iPad case £115.00

I asked Leona what her thoughts on beautiful business where and her reply was clear and unequivocal; on the environment, responsible use of resources – trying to minimise impact of new resources, checking the authenticity of these resources (are they renewable) – are they sourced, mined or harvested responsibly and sustainably – understanding where components come from and aiming to create a transparent supply chain wherever possible. On business values, Leona confirms the collections attachment to being a responsible employer, transparency, good communication, reporting, looking at your own policies and making sure that all decisions are made with a strategy that covers varying timescales so that change can be implemented in a measured way.

For more information about product range, ethical and sustainability principles and other questions regarding MyFabulousCollection visit or Tel: +44 (0)20 7720 9844 or email:

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