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Beautiful Business: Beecher’s NYC, Blessed are the Cheese makers

Beecher's entrance lights NYC

Beecher’s entrance lights NYC

When I was in New York last year, I was drawn to a shop in the Flatiron district by the most incredible industrial lighting rig I had seen. The entrance to the store had an amazing tear drop lighting rack which looked old but retained and radiated its style and good taste. I soon realised I was in a cheese shop because of the luxurious smell. A quick glance, I saw that warehouse chic, industrial design features and a rusticity which immediately made me feel warm inside. If this was faux-creative interior shop fitting design it worked its magic on me. The feel, the smell, the ambiance was perfect. Hung from the ceiling, I noticed declarations of intent with the business back story and its  operational principles. This was no ordinary cheese shop; this was Beecher’s NYC.

Beecher's NYC and Seattle

Beecher’s NYC and Seattle

A serendipitous moment had brought me to the greatest cheese store in the world. Starting life in Seattle, as the dream of Kurt Beecher Dammeier, Beecher’s had since expanded geographically and expanded the range of products, such as its celebrated Mac & Cheese

Now I can pick Gouda from an Edam, but this was a whole different ball game. Artisanal cheeses able to tantalise the most demanding palates as well as the most voracious appetites for Mac & Cheese. A dazzling array of cheeses such as Beecher’s signature 15-month aged Flagship, Flagsheep and Marco Polo are built upon a milk free from preservatives and cattle free from hormones.

As Beecher’s proclaims ‘Flavor and purity go hand in hand at Beecher’s. Customers watching the time-tested craft of cheesemaking can see firsthand that Beecher’s cheeses are made with care and a commitment to purity. All products are free of bovine growth hormones, hydrogenated oils, nitrates and polysorbate. The Beecher’s credo says it best:

“Food produced by Beecher’s Handmade Cheese is free of all artificial preservatives, coloring and flavor enhancers. It’s just pure, all-natural, full-flavored food, handcrafted in traditional ways with the freshest ingredients available.”

The artisan cheeses we sell, and the meats, vegetables and other foods we use to make Beecher’s café and restaurant items, are chosen with care and a desire to support broadly local, small-scale enterprises who share our philosophy and commitment to pure food.

Cheese and Principles

Cheese and Principles

The food production industry is notoriously difficult to operate in. A significant number of food producers go out of business in the first six months of operation. Businesses face the pressures of production, the increasing costs of the materials and ingredients they use, and the impacts of delivery, whilst consumers are confronted with the challenge of with diets, health and nutrition.

However, fast food supersize culture, mass production and industrialised farming are being challenged by slow food culture, artisan food production and local economies rather than economies of huge scale and production.  We might recognise the necessity of economic viability for those we showcase @Beautifulbizz, but it often takes more than profit to motivate them. In this case, the artisanal cheese makers craft, often lost in the midst of industrial mass production, is preserved by Beecher’s. The subtlety of the cheese markers art finds a home here.

Beautiful Businesses, like Beecher’s might be driven by principles but they don’t preach. When the country faces a health and obesity epidemic, Beecher’s tries to engage with the community and encourages healthy eating and healthy lifestyle through schemes such as the Flagship Foundation and the Pure Foods Kids workshop working with the next generation of influencers and role models.

Beecher's Cheeseshop NYC

Beecher’s Cheeseshop NYC

Beecher’s proves that business doesn’t have to be driven by money alone. The reality is businesses need to meet the bottom line, but they can also use their position as channel or conduit for change, can preserve heritage skills and traditions and can combine this with tasty beautiful food.

Is Beecher’s a beautiful business? I think so. An attention to detail and the exquisite ambience and good taste atmosphere, prepares you for cheese made with care, sold by employees who know and with an eye to a sustainable and healthy future for the next generation.

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