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ALL ABOUT DAISY: Building a Beautiful Business

All About Daisy

All About Daisy

A camper van called Daisy and the urge to try something different is what inspired Michelle Harvey to embark on the beautiful business journey. Having taken the plunge, All About Daisy is up and running as one of the many brave micro-businesses proving an alternative to the mainstream. Branded as the place to find something different, I suppose they all say that. But this is. Leaving behind her previous career in the corporate world, Michelle has become the curator of a collection of products, sourced from all over the world, including the UK. A collection of quirky, different and eye catching products. Bags, hand knits, scarves, socks, gloves, handmade recycled and up-cycled jewellery and home accessories are just a few of the products in the collection.



Bicycle chain and junk mail necklaces and bangles give a quirky edge and provide talk points. And though Eco-friendly, ethically sourced and affordable at the same time is often a contradiction in terms, this range is not. It is distinctive and desirable.

Recycled Vinyl Cake Stand

Recycled Vinyl Cake Stand

Being part of the dream, bringing ethically sourced goods to market and working with suppliers who can be trusted, is a challenging task. The collection draws upon the ingenuity and creativity of artisans, mainly from across the developing world, producing wonderfully eye-catching goods with stories to tell. The collection runs with the idea that many of the ‘things’ we consume today have an untold back story. We frequently consume a lifeless commodity, often mass produced and depersonalised. Understanding the back-story, the personality and character of the producer and the skills employed makes the ‘things’ we buy more precious, the people more important and the daily lives and struggles more understandable. This is beautiful business where people matter. Beautiful businesses care about people but also care about the environment too. The environmental impacts of production and resource and raw material depletion are at the heart of many environmental problems. Michelle says she developed relationships with producers and suppliers over a long period of time to be sure that the things she sold could be guaranteed to her customers.She goes on,

“I think in the current climate that people care about the provenience of the products they are purchasing and that is why I work so hard in sourcing and funding the wonderful projects. Shopping with All About Daisy allows people to relax and shop with confidence and ease without breaking the bank. Ethical products and Ethical prices are guaranteed”

The products sold by All About Daisy are sourced from a wide variety of locations, using a number of materials and resources, all of which are ethically guaranteed. Having sold felt goods, Michelle is currently focusing on other materials such as hemp, cactus, wood and wool. The hemp, nettle and cactus products are produced by a small co-operative in Nepal. They have been promoting eco-friendly products from the more remote regions of the country since 1993 employing many people from all social and economic backgrounds. Hemp, nettle and cactus are indigenous to the Himalayas and require no pesticides or fertilisers. After harvesting the fibres are soaked and boiled with ash to naturally bleach and soften. They are dried and spun, resulting in strong fibres which produce natural eco-friendly materials, hard wearing, soft and versatile.

Nepalese hand knits

Nepalese hand knits

Nepalese Hand knits

The silk products are made by a Fair Trade collective in Nepal which strives to uplift the economic conditions of women through the practice of indigenous handicrafts. Village women collect salvage silk from sari manufacturers, the fibres are first sorted, then hand teased and finally hand spun on a charka or drop spindle.

Balinese organic jewellery collection is hand carved from exotic woods with sea shells and corals. This traditional carving is an art form that takes many years to master. Shells and coral are beach combed and never taken from the sea or reefs and the wood used is waste from the Indonesian furniture industry. Our suppliers also provide an ongoing training and employment program for disabled people.

Hand carved necklaces

Hand carved necklaces

Small businesses are the backbone of the national, as well as the global economy. All About Daisy is playing an important role in bringing artisanal goods, from many parts of the world, to market. Giving consumers the story and creating that link between us, what we consume, the communities where they come from and who makes them, is a beautiful thing to do.

For more details about the All About Daisy range visit their website :


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