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Feet like Cars

Feet like Cars

Feet like cars by Marina Willer 2/23

The second of Do The Green Thing’s 23 Posters in support of WWF’s Earth Hour on March 23rd is by Pentagram designer Marina Willer.

Marina used a photo of her right foot to create a poster encouraging people to put down their car keys and put on their trainers:

“We can panic about where the car keys are, get grumpy in a traffic jam, run out of petrol before we find a parking space, have a fight with the pay machine, and get a congestion charge penalty to finish off. Or we can walk and enjoy the world.”


If you walked that two-mile trip to work every day instead of driving, you’d save over 320kg of CO2 every year. Plus you’d burn 73,200 calories, giving you buns of steel.


To discover a new route to work or a good stroll for a Sunday afternoon, check out Walkonomics for the most pedestrian-friendly streets in your area.


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