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Image: Everything Designed

Image: Everything Designed

 Everything Designed: Supporting Creativity through Fashion and Design.

The creative industries face huge challenges and need all the help they can get. Enter Everything Designed.

Image: Everything Designed

Image: Everything Designed

Everything Designed was created by Caroline Murphy and Mark Pattinson in autumn 2012. Two people with a huge passion for art and design, they decided to create a platform that could offer not only a unique range of products but also showcase the skills and talents of young artists. This is business playing a social and supportive role providing a route to market for some fantastic clothing and accessories. They are part of a much needed movement to market and support smaller producers, artists and artisans who create but find the next step difficult. As I said, enter Everything Designed, with safety in numbers.

You need all the help you can get…

These are interesting times for the artists, designers and creators involved with Everything Designed. The creative industries, including a creative class, as we might call them, are increasingly seen as part of the new marginalised phenomenon; the precariat, or those being in an condition of insecurity and unpredictability. The age old cliche of the struggling artisan is repeatedly made real. Transforming, perhaps commodifying art, design and ideas into commerciability has always been a difficult task for the creative community unused to the business environment.

Image: Everything Designed...bag it!

Image: Everything Designed…bag it!

Squeezed by buyers, often underpaid for work and exploited intellectually, the position is made tougher by recession based cuts in public spending, which had been a traditional support mechanism for the artists and designers in the UK. Those in the creative class face the perennial problems faced by artists like Van Gogh, who at the turn of the 19th century found it so difficult getting to market. To quote Professor Charles Heying from the Portland State University,..

‘…many artisans and artists (cultural group) are not elites in an economic sense. Rather they are part of the precariat of portfolio workers who are economically marginalised in this new economy. Rather than elites status, they seem to have more in common with the oppressed service workers in terms of their tenuous status of employment and their heavy reliance on the currency and hipness of the products they create’.

Well said. For many artists, designers and idea generators, recognition for the things they do is often fleeting, trend and fashion driven. Are they in, do they fit the current must have and are they cool? It’s a precarious position to be in and great to see Everything Designed supporting them.

Everything Designed: We have Values and a Mission!

Image:Everything Designed. A little taster

Image:Everything Designed. A little taster

Design and Function: The main idea of Everything Design is transferring art into everyday objects starting from clothes, bags, shoes, accessories to phone covers, posters, duvets – and many more to come. The main mission is bringing the art of design closer to people and making it useful and visible in their lives. As one of the founders Mark says,

Everything Designed promotes and credits all artists for their amazing work. This promotes our artists as individual artists and get’s their amazing work recognised. Everything Designed brings a community of special people together and we want to make them to feel part of our brand rather than just being an an employee’

Supporting the Arts Community: They strongly believe in people with vision and creative minds so are working closely with young artists across North East. Signing them up with contracts for printing their designs on products and then paying them commissions from the sold products with that design. Developing the idea further, the hope is to make a website that is not only an online store but also a place where artists can exchange their ideas and update their artistic profiles.

So what makes this business beautiful? Apart from the fact that everything on offer is made from the highest quality British fabrics, it has to be the passion they bring to their business platform. Passion for art, design, people, beautiful accessories, photography and unstoppable faith in young artists. Thanks to Everything Designed their art is not something hidden away from the public. It brought to life in the everyday. Thanks to Everything Designed, art is getting a second life. Beautiful ideas, beautiful businesses supporting the creative community.

Image: Everything Designed

Image: Everything Designed

For further information on the Everything Designed range, the artists and designers they work with, please visit their website   I’m sure they would be excited to hear from you.

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