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Tencel /Malay silk from

Tencel silk

Such was the popularity of the Ariel Azoffs post on strange, weird and wonderful new sustainable fabrics, I thought it might be useful to pass on some more information. Marty Paule made a number of really useful interventions suggesting another fantastic fabric combination telling us about “hemp and Tencel blends which marry sustainability with a lovely drape and soft hand. My partner’s US-made line is created entirely using this earth-friendly fabrication“. Marty goes on to tell us “The beauty of the hemp/Tencel combination is the fact that neither fiber has environmental downsides. Hemp is grown without using pesticides or artificial fertilizers, and the stalks that remain on the ground after harvest add compost to the soil. Tencel is a rayon-like fiber that’s produced from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees. The fiber is processed in a closed-loop system that virtually eliminates water and ground pollutants. An algae-based purification system is used to treat waste water before it is released back into the environment.. The combination of the two fibers in the weaving process makes for a fabric that resembles a cross between a very soft linen without all the wrinkles, and a slinky rayon, but without all the poisonous chemistry that goes into making traditional cellulose and acetate rayon.



At Sympatico, we we use this earth-friendly blend in timeless designs aimed to become core-wardrobe items that outlive the whims of fast-fashion”. You’ll find lots more about hemp and Tencel blend

Ariel has written on Tencel too. She commented “Tencel is an amazing fabric, and I imagine combining it with hemp makes the hemp much softer than usual. What a great blend. I wrote a short post on my blog about Tencel that includes a cool video on the manufacturing process

Ariel also has articles on modal and cupro, two similar fabrics… and

Thanks Ariel and Marty


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