The Way Business should be… …..Finding ethical and sustainable fashion just got easier..

imageIt goes without saying that Beautiful Businesses want to do things better. It might be that they bring something special to the marketplace….this one certainly does. In fact this one is helping recreate and reshape the marketplace, perhaps even create a new one. In this showcase, ethical and sustainable businesses are given a platform and a helping hand, facilitated by an innovative new search and show facility brought to us by

The ethical search machine...

The ethical search machine…

This is an adventurous exercise in scale and endeavour. features thousands of clothes, shoes and accessories from over a hundred brands, all under one easily searchable virtual roof. The site includes brands ranging from the great and the good, including Timberland and Patagonia to Mata Traders, Katherine Hamnett and Traidcraft. Products range from the extremely luxurious to the surprisingly affordable including organic, fair trade, ethically manufactured, vintage, vegan, women, children’s and menswear. optimises efficient access to ethical fashion, bringing brands together with a techno-solution in a thoroughly modern way. This is quite simply, the largest platform of its kind that I have come across, and obviously the boldest attempt to bring ethical and sustainable fashion to customers. There is no excuse for not finding what you need, with triangulating ethical fashion by brand and by value, allowing search optimisation to suit personal preferences (see illustration). Shop by brand or shop by ethical value and persuasion, whether it be organic, fair-trade or even recycled.

Fashion blogger, marketing consultant and Source Award Winner, Ceri Heathcote, founded because she wanted to make sustainable style more accessible. was launched in December 2012 after a year of working on and developing the idea. It really is a work in progress continuing to add brands and products to the site continuously making it a bigger and better shopping resource. As Ceri says,

“The site is really an extension of my fashion blogging. I have been blogging about ethical fashion for a few years but wanted to find a better and easier way of sharing the latest styles with shoppers. There is so much amazing sustainable fashion out there, but as I know from personal experience, it is not always easy to find just what you want. I would love for everyone to be able to see and shop the many different choices available including bold and bright African prints, handmade lace dresses, super soft bamboo clothing, unique handmade accessories, quirky vintage finds and much more. Sustainable style can be fresh, fun, fashionable, innovative, individual, classic, designer or affordable, it can be what ever you want it to be“

Web search options

Web search options

So, is a search platform for sustainable fashion making it quicker and easier to find ethical alternatives to high street clothes, working to increase the visibility and accessibility of some amazing and innovative ethical and sustainable brands. It is now quicker and easier for shoppers to make a conscious choice. This is simplicity and efficiency, creating a alternative virtual marketplace for sustainable and ethical fashion.

An amazing range with values is on offer….

Some of the benefits of buying clothes from include organic clothing made using fibres that are grown without environmentally damaging pesticides, fair trade fashion that helps to reduce poverty around the world, vegan accessories as an alternative to leather and second hand, vintage clothing and dresses for hire which can help to reduce waste, pollution and the carbon footprint of fashion. Products on the site are not just selected for their sustainability. An eye for fashion and training to match, Ceri has chosen clothing, shoes and accessories which are on trend and make wearer look and feel great. With a fantastic mix of brands, of styles and approaches, there is nothing uniform about these brands, just the good values. As Ceri says,

 “we want everyone to be able to look and feel good in amazing clothes that have been made with respect for people and the planet. The clothes on our site are chosen primarily because they look amazing but they must also adhere to at least one of our ethical and sustainable criteria which include being made from sustainable fabrics or being made under fair trade conditions”



Ceri is building an exciting and innovative platform for sustainable businesses and ethical fashion. Lets hope customers take advantage of this beautiful idea. To find out more about you can visit their website or maybe you might want to contact Ceri to say hello and get to know a beautiful business on Facebook and Twitter or sign up to their newsletter to keep up with everything that is going on at style is…

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