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Sustainability and Civic Pride, Casier…A Beautiful Town



Beautiful business welcomes submissions from a range of contributors. Last week we had two students from Ca’Foscari University of Venice. This week we have a contribution from one of their fellow students Elisa Rizzo. The views, research and cited materials are her own and should you wish to contact her, find her email at the end of their submission. Elisa’s contribution is one close to her heart…her home town. a beautiful town with beautiful businesses, keeping it sustainable and beautiful.

A little place, a big heart, a spark look…Casier

Elisa Rizzo student at Ca’Foscari University of Venice I am an Italian girl who lives most of the time abroad to study/work. However I love coming back to my little town sometime! When I am home time stops, things changes slowly, I meet the people I grow up with almost every day. Sometimes I really need to come back to my big cities, Paris, Barcelona, where you are not sure you will see again your neighbours or your colleagues at university.
However sometimes I think I have been lucky, to grow up in a little town, with no metro, no skyscraper, no malls,…

Sometimes I think my town of origin is the best place where to grew up.

Casier is special not only because it is little and nice, but because it is so eco- friendly. If you grow up here you learn to go to school walking, go to the supermarket with the bicycle, cultivate your back garden, do sports jogging along the river, recycle old dresses and old thing. Casier is a sustainable municipality. Among the sustainable activities there are:

1.Separate collection of rubbish: the company Contarina SPA organises a separate collection of rubbish. Every week something different is collected. Non-recyclable waste every week; organic waste and, separated, branches two times a week, paper and, separated, plastic and glass every two weeks. To be more effective every citizen has to collect the right bag from the company for every type of garbage. In addition to this Contarina SPA collaborates with Caritas and Communità di Emmaus to gathered used but still useful goods and to reallocate them among poor households of the territory. Finally the waste Contarina gets from cleaning the streets is recycled and used to obtain gravel for construction industry. Municipalities served by Contarina are the most eco-friendly in Italy.

2.Pedibus: this project that enable children to go to school walking, under a secure guide and using a preferential path. This project has been developed by both the municipality and the local school.

3.Back gardens of the municipality: in Casier every citizen can have access to the back gardens of the municipality to cultivate a little piece of land by his own. Also the local school participates and children are taught how to take care of a back garden.

4.Ecoscambio: this a very interesting activity which takes place two three time a year in the main square of Casier. People who want bring all the things they do not use anymore but that can be still useful. People visiting the event can choose and pick up what they are interested in. Is an exchanged with the aim to recycle things and help the poor household.

To sum these are some of the activities that make my town, Casier, a little but sustainable, and also very very nice town, where I like to come back after my periods abroad.
To conclude I would like to give some more detail about Contarina SPA, the organisation who introduces the separate collection of rubbish, due to his example is meaningful. Contarina began to operate about 20 years ago with a great commitment in the area of environmental hygiene. In 2006 it became a public company to assure more transparency and compliance with the dynamical environmental low. The mission of the company is to manage wastes in a way that is effective and efficient, without compromising human being and the environment. This mission guides both the management and the actions of Contarina. The company defends a eco-friendly behaviour in the way it is organised ( used of the web to communicate data, documents and information in order to reduce the use of paper, collection calendar following the trends of consumption in order to waste as lessfuel as possible,…) and in its activities ( separate collection of rubbish, eco-centre, where particular type of wastes are grouped, recycle of all the materials,…).
If you want to collect more information about this company please visit the web site .


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