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Edison Manufacturing Co…Each stitch Hard Won

Edison Mfg.Co. the spirit of handmade America

Edison Mfg.Co. the spirit of handmade America

Dave McKinney likes to keep things real…and he has the credentials to prove it. Disenchanted with the 9-5, Dave decided to strike out on his own. This is the story of DIY… behind doing things yourself and the creation of the Edison Mfg. Co. a leatherwares and accessory business. This is a growingconcern producing one-off goods, designed and handmade by Dave with a back to basics aesthetic. An integral part of the US Skate scene, Dave decided to follow his dream and here it stands a testimony to his desire to stand on his own two feet. Handmade leather goods, made with US tools and materials, Dave is rightly proud of his achievements and his decision to walk away from the corporate dominated workspace. Now a man in charge of his own destiny, Edison is now starting to take on support staff and make a name for itself as a home for great design and quality. Lets be clear…nothing beats handmade. The artisanal and traditonal skills associated with leather working are a special, and given the efforts exerted, each stitch is hard won. So, why is this a beautiful business? Dave is keeping it real. This is a business which champions local skills, of self-reliance and tradition. I like to think that businesses like this keep skills alive and provide a real alternative to mass produced, homogenous and bland Main Street trends. When each stitch is hard won…it tastes so sweeter.

For more information on their range, see the website

Image:EMCo. Each stitch hard won...

Image:EMCo. Each stitch hard won…

Edison Mfg. Co. key fob

Edison Mfg. Co. key fob

Edison Mfg.Co.

Edison Mfg.Co.


Edison Mfg. Co.

Edison Manufacturing Co. from The Fly on Vimeo.(I defy you to find a cooler video this year)


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