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Rosendal’s Garden, Stockholm…A Green Oasis


I always feel excited by my new discoveries and I want to share this one with you. Read this profile and take away the beauty, the inspiration and share the ideas from this beautiful business called Rosendal’s garden.

Image:Victoria Lagne

 Based in a district of Stockholm called Djurgården, Rosendal’s garden feels like a green, biodynamic and sustainable oasis. Rosendal’s garden or ‘Rose Valley’ in english, brings the beauty of horticulture and food production to the local community and visitors.
Rosendal’s garden offers lots of opportunities to engage and connect with nature, to get away from industrially produced foods and experience a part of local community horticultural history.

I came across this social enterprise after watching a wonderful video based around its bread making activities. Rosendal’s garden is a non-for profit foundation. A self-supporting foundation since 1984, Rosendal’s manage the garden, without grants or subsidies. It’s running costs and income come from its cafe, shops, parties and courses, all of which goes towards the running of the garden.

Rosendals Trädgård Levain from Homegrown Swedes on Vimeo.

Image:Victoria Lagne

Free for the public to enter, Rosendal’s garden contains educational and cultural facilities for activities such as courses, lectures, excursions, and exhibitions on subjects like environment, horticulture, organic cooking, or garden art. Notable features of the garden are the Orchard with some hundred apple trees, orangery, a Wine garden with its selected hardy vines; and the magnificent Rose garden. The plots and greenhouses yield a wide selection of biodynamically grown vegetables, flowers, herbs and potplants, most of it sold in the Plant Shop or the Garden Shop. In the café, all the bread, pies, buns, cookies and cakes come from their own artisanal bakery with its wood-fired stone oven built.

Proud of the food they produce and the way it is produced, which contrasts sharply with industrially produced foods, they say…

We use organic flour from small producers that work with high quality like Warbro Kvarn and Råberga Ekoprodukter and bake a lot with sourdough, as part of our ambition to counterweigh the current norm: pre-fabricated doughs, industrially baked bread, and total lack of craftsmanship and human touch. Organic hand-made bread is not only better for us and the environment, but tastes wonderful too!

Image:Victoria Lagne

Image:Victoria Lagne

Biodynamics has much in common with other organic approaches – it emphasises the use of manures and composts and excludes the use of artificial chemicals on soil and plants. Methods unique to the biodynamic approach include its treatment of animals, crops, and soil as a single ecosystem. The biodynamic principle includes a constant focus on quality. Besides environmental considerations in all gardening work, all produce used in our food processing is selected with utmost care. The garden crops are served at our tables, and leftovers go back to the compost heap, providing first-rate soil for next year’s growth. If you go visit Rosendal’s I am sure you might actually feel the continuity of a connected ecosystem. It is great to see such a forward looking venture, bringing these ideas to the community and spreading them through their visitors.

If you wish to know more about Rosendal’s garden you can visit the website or email them at

[Photos by kind permission of Victoria Lagne]

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