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Cashmirino…Bringing Beautiful Business values to Children’s Clothes

Beautiful Business is always trying to bring you something new, something different and something special. This showcase profiles the children’s clothing business Cashmirino….mixing style with values, bringing love to life.


Cashmirino was formed in the year 2000 after the founder Maria Busquets had spent over a decade travelling the world to find the worlds best materials, taking her to places such as Asia and Inner Mongolia. The business is based in Milan, with physical stores in Milan and Rome and operations in eight different countries. With plans to open up more physical stores around the globe, they have also recently launched their site in the UK.

Travelling to Discover…
When Maria Busquets founded Cashmirino she travelled around the world looking for the best materials. She had a real passion for children’s clothing and wanted to make sure she could combine values with a design aesthetic which gave the clothes a luxurious, timeless feel that allow children to look and feel like children. In many ways this bucks the trend in children’s clothes often criticised for making children lose their childhood innocence and ‘accelerating children’s maturity’.

Clothing for children…With Love
Cashmirino as the name suggests, design, make and produce cashmere children clothes. They primarily produce cashmere, but they also make cotton and linen pieces too. They are the worlds first cashmere children’s brand and they are eager to avoid the drift into fashion and being led by fashion trends. They say…

The style is unique, classical and timeless, yet we don’t believe in ‘fashion for kids’, but to ‘dress kids as kids’ whilst keeping them comfortable.


Care and attention is paid to the production of these luxurious clothes, making sure that they are instilled with the values of the business…Love, care and attention.

In production, we take good care of the quality, not only of the raw material, but also the way it is done and the love people put in the production. If we see that no love is engaged in production, we don’t like it as we think this shows in a way the garments are finished

Love is the foundation of everything. When people put love in their work you don’t only see the result in the production being a much nicer and perfect final product, but also in the ethical policy and relationship between workers and factory. We do believe that working with people and factories that follow the same principles as we do is very important to build up the heart of Cashmirino’s brand!”

A link to the latest Spring Summer 2013 range can be found at


If you want to know about the Cashmirino range or have any questions for the business, you can contact them using these links…I’m sure they would be happy to hear from you.

Web address is


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