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Beautiful Business…What’s in a Name?

Carolyn Wagner

How true is the name of a company? Does a company live up to its name? And is it serving the right audience?

This is a guest piece by Carolyn Wagner, Principal and Creative Director of Carolyn Wagner Inc. from Colorado in the USA. Carolyn’s business focuses on Branding, revitalising and refreshing companies from the inside out. This is her timely reminder and thoughtful insight on beautiful business branding…

One fine day a dear friend of mine booked horseback riding for her birthday. For some reason that morning I woke and wasn’t feeling centered or up for riding. Fear had set in and I wasn’t sure why. But I met my friend anyway, we drove to the ranch, and immediately got on the horses! No release forms, no helmets, no discussion with anyone on my comfort or skill level. Blindly, I mounted the horse and off we went, onto the trail. Not even 7 minutes into the ride, my horse went to the left, passed my friend, passed the lead horse and we were charging into an open field, cantering a good 35 miles per hour, or more! Low and behold, I could not regain control and suddenly flew off the horse’s back, into the air and missing a fence by less than a foot! My friend’s horse then reared up on to its hind legs and sent her falling to the ground, on top of her head!

Fortunately, we both survived with minor injuries, thankfully! But as we were semi-consciously walking back to the car, I asked, “What is the name of this establishment” and she replied, ”The Wild Wild West Ranch” Stunned, I screamed, “Could we have not gone to Happy Trails Ranch?”

There is so much meaning in a name and what a company stands for. For some, riding in the Wild Wild West is just their cup of tea, and for others … Happy Trails would do.

This company lived up to its name. But this company was not right for me, at least not that day. Helping consumers find the companies that serve their needs best requires awareness on the part of the company to identify themselves accurately and then somehow assure the consumer that their needs will be met, that they are in the right place. I had no idea what I was walking into, and while they may have known the spirit of their horses, they did not take time to match me well for the ride. What’s in a name? Everything!

Inside Out by Carolyn and Bonnie. For further information or you would just like to make contact with Carolyn you can email  or visit the website at

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