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LuLin Tea…Fair Deals for Farmers

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According to the Tea Council, people in the UK consume 165 million cups of tea a day. Staggering you might think, but unfortunately we are long way short of some of the other tea consuming nations such as Paraguay or Uruguay, who consume a whopping 11kg of tea per capita a year compared to our measly 1.9kg. Tea facts are amazing and should remind us how a common occurrence, an integral part of British culture, is something we take for granted. Tea is the second most popular drink in the world, after water. For a number of developing countries it is an important commodity in terms of jobs and export earnings. Tea production is labour intensive and the industry provides jobs in remote rural areas. Millions of livelihoods around the world depend on tea picking and processing a staggering 1,500 different varieties of Camellia sinensis that give us our daily cuppa.

Image:LuLin Tea

Not Fair in Tea plantations…
But not all is well in some parts of the tea industry. Conditions can be appalling for those involved in tea production and the falling price of tea has also led to poverty amongst tea growing communities. Given the scale and size of tea growing plantations, it’s impact on biodiversity and the natural environment can be immense. Tea drinkers need a tea producer they can trust. This is were our beautiful business, LuLin Tea comes in.

Image:LuLin Tea

LuLin Teas…
Based just outside of the small historical city of York, UK, LuLin Tea was officially launched in late 2011 The business is run in the UK by Hans Verhoosel and Amy Gallagher while Alexandra Verhoosel manages selling in the Benelux. LuLin Tea focuses on sourcing whole leaf teas from small tea farms across China. They then sell the tea via their online website and through some shops and suppliers. Award winning and full of passion for the teas they produce, LuLin provide teas for some prestigious establishments including Harrods.

Know your tea…
Hans and Amy made their first steps in the business world when they opened a Belgian Speciality Coffee House in York in 2006. When they tried to source loose tea from UK suppliers they weren’t happy with the quality or how many hands the tea had to go through until it reached them. At the time they couldn’t find a supplier who could tell the names of the farms the tea was from. So with the help of Alexandra Verhoosel who was having regular visits to China at the time they began to source their own teas from small tea gardens.

LuLin Tea and Fair deals for farmers…
They describe themselves as a small company trying to do big things in the tea world, sourcing their teas from tea gardens in China themselves. They meet the farmers and work out deals that suit them both. They cut out the middle man so they know who makes the tea, where it is grown, how it is treated and where the money goes when they pay for it. This means the farmers and their family get a good deal (sometimes this stretches to a whole village as they work with co-operatives!), LuLin Teas get a good deal and their customers get a good deal. Everyone wins!

Love your tea, appreciate its history…
The love of tea and the appreciation of its importance in culture and history is something LuLin Tea are aware of. They say…

Travelling around China is an interesting experience and we have encountered many different cultures and traditions. It is an amazing thing to be able to bring that back with us and share it with others through tea. Tea brings people together in all cultures and the culture and stories that come with teas in China is vast. Each tea has its own story, sometimes that could be the legend surrounding its name – Long Jing Dragonwell is named after a generous dragon who brought rain to a village suffering a drought during tea growing season don’t you know – we have many stories like this and every time we find a new tea or make a new friend in China we learn something new!

Image:LuLin Tea

The range of teas available from LuLin is staggering, with incredible names such as Jasmine Dragon Pearls and Gun Powder green and white, green, black, oolong and blooming types in an array of ranges. For more information about LuLin Teas, or if you simply want to say hello, you can email them at or visit their website at

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