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Elves need not Apply:Beautiful leathercraft made by Brodequin Shoesmakers…

imageThe more you seek, the more you find….Ive found something beautiful again, hiding away in Devon in the UK. This time its a shoemaker demonstrating the skills and craft needed to be a beautiful business. Elves need not apply, this is Brodequin Shoes.
The traditional shoe makers craft, a thing of artisanal craft and beauty, is in danger of becoming a part of history and of nostalgic fairy tales. There has been a decline for some time as many manufacturers shift production to lower cost economies such as Mexico and China. The vast majority of shoes are now made abroad. Mass production techniques have taken away much of the skill and handcrafted nature of shoe making and as a result these skills are being lost



Brodequin Shoes are an exception to this trend. Working together at Brodequin Shoemakers are Laura Scott and Gill Cornish, who first met and learnt their trade over twenty five years ago when they both worked for a local shoemaker.



Eventually they decided to branch out into business on our own and in 2002 Brodequin Shoemakers was born. Explaining the background they say…

We chose the name Brodequin because we felt it was a very distinctive and unusual name, which reflects our leather work creations. It is also a name that has been used throughout history since medieval times to describe a variety of different styles of boot.

Now offering more accessories and bags, all of the products at Brodequin Shoemakers are meticulously crafted by either Laura or Gill using traditional shoemaking and leather working techniques in their workshop, which is situated in the historic and picturesque seaside town of Teignmouth in Devon.





Most of the products are made to order or to customers’ specifications, such as footwear made to measure to ensure quality and a good fit.

Leather is such a tactile material and they love to create new designs, putting together new combinations of colours. With over fifty colours and finishes of leather to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Trying to cater for all needs they also have a vegan alternative to leather available. All of of their designs are either traditional or original and are made to last using the finest quality materials. So whether purchasing footwear, bags, pouches, purses or belts they will become more beautiful with age, providing a constant pleasure to use.



Traditional designs embracing the tech world, their website was launched in 2005 and has proved very popular, especially the custom shoe picker, where you can drag and drop colours onto various styles to give you a better idea of what colour combinations work well together.

If you want to know more about Brodequin Shoemakers or simply want to say hello you can view their range online via



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