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Seba Dizajn…500 years of beauty.

Can you imagine a family business which goes back five centuries! A beautiful business which reaches back in time, capturing age-old designs and passing on incredible skills…This is the incredible jewellery of Seba Dizajn.

Using old school techniques, they produce the most exquisite and delicate filigree jewellery. Everything they sell is designed and made in the beautiful country of Croatia and is made by hand.

Carrying on the traditions of generations, the Seba family have been working with filigree for approximately 500 years. And now the creation of Seba Dizajn means they can share the skills, expertise and fabulous creations in their store and to a wider online audience.

Seba Dizajn is based in Korcula in Croatia and opened its store at the end of May 2011. The business is the creation of husband and wife team, Ruth and Adolf Seba. A Croatian / New Zealand marriage, Ruth says Adolf is the creative force, the jeweller and craftsman, whilst she provides much needed support and advice on some creations, though her main roll is managing sales and the social media aspect. As they say they are a small family owned and operated business…

Adolf, the creative force behind Seba Silver, follows his father, grandfather, great grandfather and some more greats, have all influenced his own unique style. Each piece of jewellery created at Seba Silver is unique and fully handcrafted, you can be assured of an exclusive luxury item. Adolf continues to work alongside of his father, Gjovalin Seba, sharing ideas, inspiration & stories.

So, what’s so special about this business? Is Tradition…Family…Skill enough? Ruth says…

Its the passion, the attention to detail and the personal service of a truly skilled craftsman carrying on and preserving age old skills. Adolf is usually working here in our store so you can see pieces being created and meet the jeweller who made what you may purchase – this is a great experience. People are seriously intrigued by the amount of detail and work that is involved in each of our pieces and it is great to be able to share and to hear their enthusiastic comments.

So many creations, designed for special occasions. So many stories which illustrate not only the value of workmanship but the also value of the gift. Ruth tells a beautiful story of some customers who contacted them via their Facebook page…(

…they were two sisters based in Brisbane who wanted us to create something extra special for their Mum’s 60th birthday. We were sent a list of things that the Mum loved and asked to create a necklace – these included reading, the Otago harbour, scorpions, her grandchildren and daughters, gardening, fires…all in one necklace. Some drawings went back and forth and decisions were made and the necklace created. Their mother was so happy with the necklace that she cried & two weeks later when she was back in NZ and someone asked her about it she cried again.

It goes to show that five centuries of craft and skill can embody so much love. If you want to know more about Seba Dizajn you can email Ruth at or visit their website at

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    following on from our previous post about the Adventures of Adolf and Ruth Seba in Korcula, here is a post by a fellow blogger who is also enchanted by Seba Dizajn’s silver creations. A truly unique artisan tradition going back 500 years

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    500 Years of Beauty, what a great heading.
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    Saw the blog post on More adventures in Croatia. The jewellery looks gorgeous. Good luck with the business. 🙂

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