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Nothing resonates more with our own sense of wellbeing than the face we see looking back at us from the mirror every morning. Our concern with the way we look and more recently with the way we care for our skin, has created a multi-billion pound industry. As a result the skincare industry continues to grow and inspire technological advancement and the development of innovative products. The increasing demand for anti-ageing products and growing concern for the use of natural and organic skin care products, appear to be the major factors driving the skin care industry. Such growth always encourages new entrants into the market and can pose a serious challenge to the skin care industry owing to reduction in quality and lead to reputational damage of all skin care products. So finding businesses we might trust, with values we can believe in, is an important issue for consumers. Step forward…The Herbjar.

The Herbjar was created by Luca Willington and is based near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire. Though launched at the beginning of 2010, The Herbjar products, ideas and recipes have been much longer in the making, with some of the ideas being tried and tested for over ten years. All Herbjar products are made here in the UK. It is the product concept that sets The Herbjar apart from other mainstream skin care brands. As Luca explains…

The principle that underpins all our recipes is that you don’t need scores of synthetic additives – or indeed any synthetic additives – to make good, effective skin care products. The Herbjar uses only ingredients that come from plants (hence the name). They are healthier for the skin that additive-loaded cosmetics, as well as being greener.

The benefits of this as against a more industrial and chemical based approach means that plant extracts which go into the products can be produced without dumping toxic substances into the environment, especially as newer technologies are moving away from solvent extraction towards eco-friendly processes.

The Herbjar favours ingredients obtained this way, as they are purer and better for the consumer. Mixing the modern with the traditional is part of the Herbjar ethos. Luca says…

In a sense we are going back to traditional ways of making skin care products, to the sort of recipes used before preservatives were invented. But we have so many more natural ingredient available now, so there is plenty of room for improvement on what granny used to use for a moisturiser. We also have modern research data to call on, as scientific studies are done on more on more traditional plant remedies. Some of them are proven to be excellent and we can now understand the active principle behind their healing effects. Some are discovered to have drawbacks. We are excluding the later and making good use of those ingredients that are validated both by traditional knowledge and modern science.

Luca thinks that helping customers source products which are right for them is important. Some find that years of seeking the right product can be so frustrating for those with sensitive skin types or perhaps skin problems. The stories they tell are testament to the unacknowledged power of natural and herbal products. If at first you don’t succeed…try a natural product.

I think the best stories are those our customers tell us – there are people who, for a long time, have not managed to find the right products for their skin before they came across The Herbjar.

All of the products made by the Herbjar are water and synthetic ingredient free which means that what you buy is all natural ingredient. Careful to point out what natural means in the days of throwaway words, Luca says natural consists of…

1. Plant extracts – vegetal oils, butter and herbal extracts – that are true to nature i.e. they have not undergone any processing that altered their chemical profile. By this standard, natural-derived is not really natural, as the resulting substances are often heavily processed, bearing little or no resemblance to their natural sources. We favour cold extraction and supercritical CO2 extraction, as extraction methods that produce unadulterated, true to nature ingredients.

2. Inert minerals – i.e. minerals that do not react with other substances on the skin. We only use minerals with large particle size – no Nanoparticles allowed – that will stay on the surface of the skin, with no possibility of them being absorbed. These minerals include natural clays i.e. French Green Clay and Zinc Oxide.

3. Beeswax – the only ingredient of animal origin we allow in our formulations

Furthermore, all Herbjar products are free from all harmful additives such as paragons, petrochemicals, nano particles etc. and free from all animal extracts except beeswax. The Herbjar say…

We only use the safest natural ingredients, taking into account not only traditional natural remedies, but also the findings of modern research. Wherever possible, we favour ingredients that are actually edible, on the principle that if it’s safe to eat, then it’s very safe to put onto your skin.

If you want to know more about the Herbjar, and their products you can email Luca at or visit the website at

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