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EqualiTea…Fair Trade, Fair Tea


As noted in a previous profile and in spite of the coffee shop boom, tea remains a hugely popular drink. Finding good quality tea with the right values can sometimes be a bit tricky. EqualiTea can help. With an emphasis on doing things right and doing things fairly, EqualiTea is a beautiful business. As owner Marion suggests …

It’s very special because we offer unique teas. It’s very very difficult to find beautiful premium teas which are certified organic and Fairtrade.

Formed in April 2012, EqualiTea started trading in September 2012. Based in Berkshire in the UK, EqualiTea is the dynamic duo of Marion and Olivier. They mainly sell online via their website and through Amazon. You might also catch them in real time at the many events they attend in places like London, Oxford, Bristol, Brighton…as well as markets, fairs, festivals. Always on the look out for new stockists, they currently have about 20 spread around the South of England and even have one offshore, in Guernsey!!

Having a passion for tea is at the heart of this beautiful business. Both Marion and Oliver have a great passion for tea and this includes the way it is grown and produced. In some ways, their enthusiasm for tea comes from a sense of frustration. Marion says…

We found that since we moved from France quite a few years ago, we’ve missed the beautiful teas we could buy there. It was always items we would bring back in our suitcases to England every time we would go visit friends and relatives in France.

Image:Les Jardins De Gaia

EqualiTea is all about fine Organic and Fairtrade loose leaf tea and ethical teaware. Their teas are exclusively from Les Jardins de Gaia, a company which has been trading in France for 20 years, and which is now the leader in Europe in terms of Organic and Fairtrade teas, with over 450 references of tea. All the teas are Organic, most are Fairtrade and a few are biodynamic. They tend to work with small producers all over the world, and ethics is what drives their daily business. EqualiTea fully embraces this ethos, hence they are their distributors in the UK.


EqualiTea has a catalogue of over 80 products, including green, white, black, oolong, pu erh teas, herbal tea, rooibos, honeybush, mate, lapacho…In addition, they source Fairly traded teaware and ethical/eco-friendly teaware from all over Europe. Some or their best sellers sound wonderful and include Lady Yang Guifei, a beautiful green tea with litchi and pear, With the Fairies, a rooibos with Strawberry and Vanilla, or their Vietanese Tra To Quy Oolong.

If you want to know more about EqualiTea, their range of teas and teaware, you can email them or visit their website

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