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Monkey Char…a Perfect Blend

How about a personal, bespoke tea blending service? Sounds amazing doesn’t it. How about the innovative blend of tea and fine art. What better way to give a gift or celebrate a special occasion than a perfect combination of personally blended tea, bespoke design and beautiful prints. Welcome Monkey Char, purveyors of beautiful tea and beautiful fine art.

Focussed on doing things personally and doing things well, Monkey Char is very much the beautiful business. As they say…

We care very much about everything we do. We’re passionate about promoting ethical, healthy, eco-friendly teas with great taste and flavour – whilst re-vamping the sometimes drab old image of loose leaf tea as something for little old ladies from a by gone age. Britain is a nation of tea drinkers after all and we want to be able to celebrate this from the roof tops. We want to be able to make tea cool and sexy again.

Based in St Margaret’s Richmond, London, Monkey Char has now been running for over a year. The business is the creation of the owner and founder Freeda Sangra and business partner / source of comfort, Chris Harrop. They sell delicious loose leaf teas – all hand blended with the highest quality and flavour in mind, alongside limited edition art prints, and rare antique trios including Paragon, Aynsley, Royal Doulton and Royal Albert Crown China dating from the early 1900’s. The passion for tea and design is so evident at Monkey Char. As Freeda says, love is at the root of what she does…

All my time, energy and love goes into each tea blend and it’s taste. All the branding, packaging, labelling, and photographs on the website are taken/designed by me. I have a masters in Fine Art from Edinburgh and am making use of these design skills as much as I can. Plus I love designing blending, creating, meeting new people. I love my tea business, it makes me so happy, and I love all our wonderful customers who come back with friends recommending they try my little tea blends too – it truly is a labour of love and the taste is all in the product.

Image: Lady Reading £75 c/o Monkey Char

The art prints are Freeda’s and are available signed, framed & ready to hang, whilst their bespoke teas can be personalised with a loved ones name as gifts for friends and family. Monkey Char create flavours for a variety of occasions such as flavours for Wedding tea favours, unique occasion gifts for birthdays, Christenings, New homes and corporate events. They can create new blends from scratch for personal gifts or create House Blends for local establishments like cafe’s, delis or hotels.

Monkey Char do their bit to support local communities and businesses. They will often be found selling their teas and fine art at the Duck Pond Market in Richmond.

Image: Monkey Char

The market promotes local, ethical, sustainable and interesting products from small, local traders. The whole market has a wonderful friendly vibe to it with fabulous people who all work together to make it a great place to visit and shop at every Sunday.

If you want to know more about Monkey Char, their blends, their art and their ideas for special occasions, you can contact them by email at tea or through their website at A beautifully blended beautiful business, I am sure they would love to hear from you. If you wish to find out more about  the Duck Pond Market you can visit their website at

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