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Secret Seed Society… Engaging kids,Cooking and Growing for a healthier,happier life.

Beautiful businesses not only care about the environment and nature, they also educate, teach and inform others about its importance. This beautiful business has come up with an amazing idea which encourages young children to understand the importance of nature by growing vegetables and inspiring imaginationSecret Seed Society was formed in 2009 by mother and daughter team, Shena and Amy Cooper. This beautiful business encourages very young children to grow, cook and eat. They do this through their main concept…Seed City where everyone, surprisingly, is a vegetable. Engaging young minds and imaginations, Seed City produces and sells 5 story and seed packs, each has growing instructions and a recipe. They have an on-line club where kids can join and send them questions and pictures and there is also a large web-site with more recipes, videos, things to make and do etc. They also deliver workshops and lectures to young children and parents. As Shena says…

Seed City came from my imagination and we have had lots of other input developing it. Our illustrator Valentina Cavallini has created the images from our imagination and each story is written by a different author. When we imagined Seed City we imagined our vegetables living in Hackney. It is a unique way of engaging very young children with healthy eating which will mean a healthier life for them.


Seed City

What makes this beautiful business so special, apart from the wonderfully imaginative ways of getting children involved in nature and food, is that no stone is left unturned and all the minor details are considered. Their packs are produced in the UK by Calverts Coop using vegetable inks and recycled or FSC paper, and their seeds are organic. Get your kids inspired and who knows, you might awaken something in you too !

If you would like to know more about the Secret Seed Society and Seed City, their ideas and products, you can email Shena at or you can visit their website

Darren Hoad B.A (Hons.), M.A. M. Phil.
IEMA Certified Sustainability Practitioner CSR-P

Do you know you’re beautiful?


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