The Way Business should be…

Po-Zu Shoes….still beautiful !

Po-Zu……still beautiful

image Having written about dozens of Beautiful Businesses in the last ten months, it was great to finally meet up in person with the inspiration behind one; namely, Sven Segal of Po-Zu shoes. Founded in 2006, Po-Zu has grown and so too has its innovative range of footwear and accessories some as amazing as their multi purpose edible shoe cream. Sven, with the help of his Brand Manager Cecilia Lunch, have developed the Po-Zu brand to be one of a small number of beautiful standout companies in the footwear industry.

Po-Zu …out and about

But like many businesses with a distinct style and strong value set, the cost of being a beautiful business in a challenging industry and a volatile marketplace, can be hard. Getting the message out there, that you can look stylish, wear incredibly comfortable shoes and maintain your contribution to environmental and social values, is an important role that consumers can play too. As stakeholders, consumers think their role ends when they buy. But with the ease of communication through social media…don’t just buy…tweet about it, like it, share it….spread the word about beautiful businesses.

Right shoes, right style, right values

Right shoes, right style, right values

PS. I will be writing Part II of the Po-Zu story in the coming weeks.

PPS. The feet and shoes featured are my own. The hi-boots are Ollie by Po-Zu and they are amazing 🙂


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