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London Cloth Company…Looming large in London town


Beautiful Businesses nurture and support traditional crafts, skills and processes. Businesses which do this deserve our support and encouragement. This is one such business. The London Cloth Co. harks back to an age long gone and is an echo of craft overtaken by globalised mass production. Located in London, close to Liverpool street, the London Cloth Co. is the creation of Daniel Harris. This beautiful business is predominantly concerned with the weaving of woollens and cotton on a range of restored machinery, some dating from as early as 1878.

Established in 2010, the London Cloth Co. is the first cloth mill to open in London for over a hundred years. As Daniel goes on to say, his interest in weaving was something which grew and grew and somewhat wistfully goes on to add that to this day, he’s not sure how…

I decided to start weaving in October 2010 and got the first loom on November the 5th. I started teaching myself to weave, naively thinking that all you needed was a loom and a small bobbin winder. Originally I only planned to do a little bit, I don’t really remember why exactly only that it might be fun. It was something I had always thought might be interesting and amusing as my surname is Harris. I would probably only do just enough to make a coat or I don’t know what. I probably had not thought that far ahead.

Two years on I now have 5 industrial power looms, 3 pern (bobbin) winders and a warping mill (A very very Big Bobbin winder). 1400sq ft mill with a capacity of about 75m of fabric per day and a cat. How did this happen?

A growing business, now working with notable brands, the London Cloth Co. is still in touch with its community and smaller scale production…

Our Minimums are small and our prices reasonable for bespoke, quality cloth. The majority of our work is weaving fabrics to order, though we do sometimes have metreage in stock. Over the last year we have developed cloth for many top designers and brands all over the world, most notably Double RL.


Supporting small businesses is important to the Beautiful Business project. You might want to support Daniel and his endeavours in some way, perhaps through Facebook or even drop him a note or visit the website. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

For email contact use and for the London Cloth Co. website visit You can like and support through Facebook at

Darren Hoad B.A (Hons.), M.A. M. Phil.
IEMA Certified Sustainability Practitioner CSR-P

Do you know you’re beautiful?


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