The Way Business should be…

Beer O’Clock…why businesses need to go green…

See the light…..Why Go Green? 

Mr. Grey: ……..anyway, I’ve been told that being sustainable will be good for my business…

Mr. Green: You’re right there. You got some misgivings though?

Mr. Grey: Well…its gunna cost a lot innit? Not sure Ive really got the time, the energy or the money. Besides, whats the point if others continue to take liberties and do as they please etc…wont that mean I’m wasting my time?

Mr. Green: Ah…those old chestnuts. Feeling like a mug if you make the first move and others don’t? What if I said you need to change your mindset matey-boy..maybe start to think about costs and financial outlay as investment…maybe think about the impact these changes or investments might have upon your reputation in the marketplace. Customers like businesses with values and your employees will reward you too. Everyone likes working for a business with values and one thats looks after people and the local community. Means you’ll increase retention, added loyalty and increased productivity…

Mr. Grey: …..woah all this blah blah blah…I’ve heard all this before. What I really want is something tangible.

Mr. Green: Ok..Think about it. Pollution and other forms of waste must tell you something about your business? Reducing waste, getting ride of unnecessary packaging, recycling and closing the loop can all save you money. Think about the money you might save on transport using more efficient vehicles, different fuels or encouraging drivers to drive more efficiently. Be radical, think about reducing transportation and mileage altogether! What if I told you that Walmart are saving $200 million a year in transport fuel efficiencies. Tesco too…saving money by reducing its emissions and aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Mr. Grey: Blimey! But these are the big guys…they’re all big enough to make these savings… My bottom line is survival

Mr. Green: Ok, you’re still having trouble with this. Don’t you think you have a moral obligation to do the right thing, to be sustainable and ethical and think about you’re impact on the local community and beyond?

Mr. Grey: Don’t get all philosophical on me….Like I said, my bottom line is being viable and keeping the business afloat. Times have been very tough since the credit crisis…

Mr. Green: you know what…there’re many businesses out there struggling in the midst of this economic downturn. The price of oil has sky rocketed in recent years. Y’know what they’ve done. Invested in renewable energies as a way of buffering themselves against higher prices. The CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) reckons you can get a very quick return on these type of investments. This also helps them in another way ‘cos y’know whats gunna happen with all this climate change?…resource scarcity my friend. Renewable and alternatives are gunna be the way forward.

Mr. Grey: Steady on my friend…you trying to scare me….?

Mr. Green: Listen, that IPCC report last month reiterated the warnings about climate change, and they’re pretty sure that we….humans…are responsible for it. Whats gunna happen in the future is closer regulation of business activities and its impacts. Better get ready bud !

Mr. Grey: So…what you’re saying is I can invest in the future now and perhaps pre-empt the regulation which is bound to kick in?

Mr Green: Exact-a-mundo my friend….another beer?

Mr. Grey: Yeah..why not…

Darren Hoad B.A (Hons.), M.A. M. Phil.
IEMA Certified Sustainability Practitioner CSR-P

Do you know you’re beautiful?

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