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All things Bright and Beautiful…..On the Bright Side High Vis

Beautiful businesses come in all shapes and sizes. This showcase outlines the excellent work and inspiration of On the Bright Side a beautiful new business which combines safety and recycling to create a new cycling and walking chic. The name refers both to the safety aspect of being conspicuous on the roads and to a general attitude – Be Safe… Be Seen…Be Bold…Be Bright.

The creation of Bryony Moore, On The Bright Side offers environmentally and socially-conscious clothing and accessories for people who like to be close to the environment – for people who choose to walk or cycle because it’s better for their health and wellbeing, and for the planet.

Everything is handmade by me in my studio in Manchester, says Bryony…Wherever I can I use reclaimed textiles that would otherwise be destined for landfill. It’s currently based in my basement studio at my house in Manchester. Renting a studio is beyond my means at present, but I’m lucky that I have a suitable workspace at home. A bigger studio is my dream! Hopefully in the not-too-distant future the business will have grown enough for me to move into a bigger space

At the moment the appliqué parts of the vests are made from reclaimed textiles and the new women’s tops are made from almost 100% reclaimed textiles – only the reflective part is brand new.

As Bryony goes on to say,

I’m currently buying in blank kids’ vests and tabards, then adding my designs – I buy Made in England garments wherever I can. Before the year is out I intend to be making all the vests and tabards myself. I’m currently seeking suppliers of recycled high-visibility fabrics so that all my products are made almost entirely from reclaimed materials.

Design innovation and entrepreneurial energy is at the heart of many beautiful business projects. This one is no different.

I’ve had the design ideas brewing in my head for a long time but it was a change in circumstances at the very beginning of this year which prompted me to take the plunge and start working up some designs to sell. By August I had my first products on sale and have since added a few more. I have a bottomless pit of product ideas, so there are plenty more on the way! I’m a massive fan of bikes and cycling, and I’ve also been into sewing and making clothes since my early teens, so it made total sense to me to combine the two.

Taking the mundane and making it fun can be a tough task, particularly when we consider something as utilitarian as the high-viz vest. Making it with recycled materials is even more challenging. Bryony says…

When I am cycling I always wear a hi-vis vest for safety reasons, but they’re hardly the most flattering things. Seeing more and more parents and kids cycle-commuting to work and school, I started to wonder – where’s the fun safety wear that kids would actually want to wear? And where’s stuff that I would want to wear too, because I’m a big kid at heart – I’ve always found plain and off-the-peg boring and uninspiring. Clothes should be fun – even safety clothing. It might have a ‘serious’ purpose, but there’s no reason that it should be unappealing to look at. Having looked around and not been able to find any, I decided I should have a go at creating some. And so along came On The Bright Side !

This is a beautiful business on a roll, developing new and bolder products such as badges and bracelets that feature retroreflective textiles. On the Bright side has just revealed some new ‘stealth’ hi-vis womenswear – which is aimed at those who might ordinarily refuse to wear ugly hi-vis vests. A great idea, they look like normal garments and can be worn without raising eyebrows during the day, but feature a design on the front and back which glows in car headlights for extra visibility at night.

A final word from Bryony…

I have LOTS more products in development – for kids, women and men – all of which I’ll be adding to my Folksy and Etsy shops over the coming months – so keep checking back!

To find out more you can contact Bryony through a variety of social media at brightsidehivis and, To view products visit and



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