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Organiculture…Giving their all for the love of organic Italy

Some of the most beautiful business ideas emerge when you least expect it. Organiculture was formed in 2010 emerged when three friends were having dinner at home trying to figure out how and where to introduce Italian branded organic beauty products to the UK market. Food and friends provided the basis of OrganiCulture…how Italian ! But what makes this business special is their incredible dedication to their values.

Organiculture sells 100% organic products from Italy, supporting a number of brands that produce different goods, such as cereal based, dairy-free and gluten free drinks, baby cosmetics, cleaning detergents, marmalade and jams, and barley coffee (caffeine-free) which is the latest addition to their expanding range.

When work ends…work begins
This beautiful business is a labour of love, with clear values they believe in, putting in the hard hours after the day job has ended. For those involved, Francesco Fabbro, Emanuele Farotti and Paola Concil this is a late evening/night job. They all have other jobs and when they get home, no matter how tired, stressed out, busy with life they are, they devote their time to the OrganiCulture cause…

When we get home, generally after 8pm and on the weekends, we get together (after choosing one of our living rooms) and dispatch the orders, catch up with emails, Skype with the producers. This is how we work, and we won’t change it for anything in the world. We call it passion, and that’s all that gets us going.

Francesco continues, explaining the energy and commitment behind Organiculture…

The first is that we started small, and after three years we still are. We are doing what we’re doing because we love it. We take pride in our work, and we carry on because we believe in our products. The organic market was something we weren’t aware of until we started selling organic goods. We’re glad it happened because it changed our lives. We started thinking more consciously, and we got to know and do business with awesome people, that like us think and buy local, support their own communities, are people-first and environmentally oriented, and quite frankly believe in doing things differently. All these experiences have made and continue to make our lives richer and more special. When Christmas approached in 2010, Paola started promoting a Christmas gifts outside the Clapham Common tube station. She was giving out leaflets to people coming out of the station dressed up as Santa. She was supposed to work that job for two weeks, but she got very ill, and was forced to spend Christmas day in bed on a high fever: poor thing! In the end, it wasn’t even that worth it: only one Christmas gift was sold!

Change, growth and evolution…
Created back in 2010, Organiculture has done the circuits of fairs and market place selling, getting its brand and products out in the market place and making valuable connections. Soon after the business was formed came the first fair, the Natural Organic Product UK, where we got in touch with many other Italian brands. Originally, they were focussed on the widely renowned products associated with the Italian cuisine, like pesto, and extra virgin olive oil. But things soon changed. Hard work, new brands, expanding business and new demands. Francesco remarks….

After a few months a new addition to our organic store was introduced: the Natural Sense’ baby skin care products, produced by Pierpaoli, a family based organisation coming out of Sinigallia, Ancona in central Italy and we joined the Clapham Common old town food market on the weekends to promote our products – which were all stored at home, in Clapham. We had a lot of fun, and got very cold during those windy winter weekends. But it was well worth it. And a year after we started we were approached by Isola Bio, which currently is the brand we sell the most in the UK.

Happy to do what we do…
All the logistics originates from their Clapham flats, 100% home based and online. This implies lots of emails and Skype conversations to get in touch with the producers back in the homeland, and clients in the UK. Refreshing to hear that…

This is how we have been doing things for three years, and we really like it.

If you want to support Organiculture or simply know more about this great, hardworking beautiful business you can contact them via their main email address: or visit their website is I’m sure they would welcome your interest and support. Francesco says… Check us out and tell us what you think.

Darren Hoad B.A (Hons.), M.A. M. Phil.
IEMA Certified Sustainability Practitioner CSR-P

Do you know you’re beautiful?

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