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Matrel Foods SA…Protein Alchemy from the Squid and Fish Business.

The aim of the beautiful business project is to create a sharing platform of ideas, inspiration and ingenuity from businesses that are sustainable, ethical and people first. Perhaps businesses which capture the spirit of creative, out-of-the-box thinking in these difficult times of challenge and change. This is a business I wanted to share. Coming to us all the way from Peru has so much potential and combines the beautiful with the ingenious and some may even say, the bizarre. Matrel Foods SA takes waste by-products from the fishing industry and creates something useful…something which can solve a global problem.

The Matrel Foods project, unique in the world, recovers the cooking broth that Fisheries in the area of Paita-Perú generate in the production of cooked fillets of giant squid or Pota. This by product, contains a considerable amount of protein, usually thrown into the sea, polluting and annually wasting more than 10,000 tons of soluble protein valued at over $ 45,000,000 USD. A truly international endeavour, the machinery equipment and patent technology is Norwegian and Danish, and as well as being an innovative project, they can make replicas anywhere in the world and with any fishing waste product.

SUSTAINABILITY AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Working in a particularly sensitive industry it is important that businesses respect the efforts of marine conservation and the problem of species depletion. The beautiful business project is committed to marine and environmental conservation and was reassured that the business model of Matrel Foods is committed to social responsibility and the positive environmental impacts, with reuse technologies at the heart of what it does, such as the sustainable reuse of water during the preparation of high quality protein designed specifically to combat a global problem: malnutrition. As we know too well this is problem, stubbornly refusing to go away, resulting in so many different effects…

According to their director Luis Felipe Olaechea…

We use as raw material for the production of Proteinol, the cooking water that giant squid fisheries generate by their processes, contributing to the environment. By extracting this water ́s organic load that usually goes to sea, our biomolecular process allows their reuse once purified. All our activities are developed according to the strict ecological conservation standards, respecting local and global regulations currently in force. Matrel Foods SAC, is committed with implementing regulations on Marine Environmental Protection and strengthening their law implementation.

The product created is a creamy white powder, with a minimum concentration of 90% protein, which we call Proteinol, that would enrich any type of food that Food Aid Programs in the countries of the region consume, also in the production of Functional Foods by the food industry as protein breads, sports foods, flavored protein drinks, baby food, fortified noodles, fortified milk, therapeutic food (type Ensure, Pediasure), reconstituted rice (NutriRice) etc. An interesting business model you might agree, using and reusing waste by-products. For more information about this business you might want to email Luis Felipe at or visit their website at

Darren Hoad B.A (Hons.), M.A. M. Phil. IEMA Certified Sustainability Practitioner CSR-P Do you know you’re beautiful? Twitter


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