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Bio-House: Beautiful High Energy Saving Wooden houses by Debra Bessagato

Even in Italy beautiful businesses that support healthy living and sustainable lifestyles are taking hold. People are becoming more aware and are starting to help to reduce their impacts through their sustainable actions. Debra Bessegato, a postgraduate student at Ca Foscari University of Venice tells us more and outlines the case of Bio-House, beautiful high energy saving wooden houses.

Here in Veneto the old fashioned culture suggests that to have a nice house it needs to be made of reinforced concrete and bricks. Then I discovered Bio-House and it opened up a new world.

Bio-house is an enterprise born in Montebelluna, a small town in north east Italy, from the idea of the two founders (experts in the construction industry), tired of working with the classical methods which involved a lengthy construction period, too many intermediaries and a budget which was never respected.
The idea was to create prefabricated wooden houses.
 Then they opened their minds and welcomed ideas and know-how from technologically advanced countries in this field (such as Japan, USA, Canada) and have had great success and find themselves expanding from Veneto to cover much of northern Italy and are now beginning to work abroad.

The first house was created in 2006 and since then there has been a growing trend even thanks to strong partnerships (VPSolar, Daikin…). Their philosophy is based on green architecture and prefabrication, balancing between the environment, sensitivity towards others and care of future generations. 
Their buildings seek to create a complete symbiosis between the house and the environment.
 But this does not involve the creation of rough houses, in fact, thanks to talented architects, Bio-House offers homes that vary from classic to contemporary with a very wide range of choices and customization of the product.

The company ensures that employees are updated with the evolution of the market. They constantly attend seminars, conferences, ANAB courses (National Association of Bio-ecological Architecture ), Passivhaus and CasaClima courses; they use Bioliving furniture and they are certified according to ISO standards.

A further strength of Bio-House is that there is only a contact person to which customers can turn to: the building manager takes care of the house and of the turnkey delivery to clients; so they don’t have to be burdened of analysis planning and paperwork; managers ensure adoption of regulations and they fully respect the established budget.
They offer 30 years warranty compared to traditional 10 and this boosts their confidence.

A Bio-House guarantees better energy efficiency and performance. They only use environmentally friendly materials (certified materials that do not release harmful emissions and timber coming from growth-controlled forests), improve the efficiency of their equipments, use renewable energy sources (like biomass, solar thermal, micro wind) and adopt a bioclimatic approach.
 Above all a wooden house is solid: foundations are remarkably strong and the wood would dissipate the energy of an earthquake because of its elasticity.

For further information, contacts and photos of their models you can visit their website

Darren Hoad B.A (Hons.), M.A. M. Phil. IEMA Certified Sustainability Practitioner CSR-P

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