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CROWDFUNDING for the Beautiful Business Project

Hi Folks

BEAUTIFUL BUSINESS PROJECT: The Beautiful Business project has been running for just over a year. It’s is a free and entirely voluntary project where we showcase the work of what we call beautiful businesses. This means businesses (large and small), social enterprises, charities that demonstrate ethical, sustainable and people first values.
GOOD FEEDBACK SO FAR: We have had visitor numbers, great support, great feedback and lots of amazing encouragement for what we have done so far and how much we have done to support good business. So far we’ve written about over 100 very special organisations in the UK and abroad. We don’t just mention their work or simply list them. We tell their story and publish it on our weblog platform and through a range of social media. All this is done for free and voluntarily.
SHOUTING LOUD We are driven by the desire to shout loud for businesses behaving right….ethically, sustainably and with people first.
AIMS OF CROWDFUNDING: What we aim to do with this crowd funding project is simple. We would like to raise a small amount of money to develop our web platform and develop a greater social media presence. At present our web platform is a wordpress site which limits what we can do without investment.
Having taken some quotes from 3 small business web platform developers ( we like local and small businesses) we have calculated that £1000 will be sufficient for the purchase
– web domain name
– initial hosting costs
– website design Expertise plus time
PROVIDE A FREE SERVICE FOR ETHICAL AND SUSTAINABLE BUSINESSES: Whilst still aiming to give our services for free and entirely voluntarily, we want to do it better and reach out to more people and tell the stories of how businesses should be….beautiful !

Thanks to all
Darren Hoad B.A (Hons.), M.A. M. Phil.
IEMA Certified Sustainability Practitioner CSR-P

Do you know you’re beautiful?


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