The Way Business should be…

Beautiful Business Ltd…It Pays to be Sustainable and People-Orientated


Darren Hoad, Founder & Editor of Beautiful Business Ltd

Beautiful Business Ltd is a developing consultancy business looking to support small and medium sized enterprises in their pursuit of greener and more ethical goals. We believe that many SMEs struggle to get their green and ethical qualities across to a wider audience and as a result fail to grasp the growing business opportunities which exist for being a good business.

The traditional ‘wisdom’ concerning greening or incorporating ethical decision-making into business, is that it comes at an additional cost, which in turns impacts upon competitiveness. Lets put the record straight. Actually, improving a company’s environmental performance can lead to better economic or financial performance, and not necessarily to an increase in cost.

How we can help…

1. We can showcase your business and provide you with a template for your audience;

2. We can write green and ethical copy for your publicity, web and marketing literature;

3. We can help identify the good things you do and explore ways of getting them across to your audience;

4. We can help identify the opportunities where green and ethical changes in business practice might be made.

Contact us at or tweet to us @beautifulbizz or call (00 44) 07803001772

Company Number. 8394775


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