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SEBASILVER Traditional Filigree Jewellery – Our Business Journey

Its great when previously showcased businesses come back and tell us more about what they do. This is a piece written by Ruth Seba of Seba Silver. In it Ruth … Continue reading

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Flavours Holidays….putting the beautiful back in your travels.

Putting something back into local communities, wherever they happen to be, is an important part of being a beautiful business. This business not only puts back and supports local communities, … Continue reading

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London Cloth Company…Looming large in London town

Beautiful Businesses nurture and support traditional crafts, skills and processes. Businesses which do this deserve our support and encouragement. This is one such business. The London Cloth Co. harks back … Continue reading

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Say no more

Darren Hoad B.A (Hons.), M.A. M. Phil. IEMA Certified Sustainability Practitioner CSR-P Do you know you’re beautiful? Twitter

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Po-Zu Shoes….still beautiful !

Po-Zu……still beautiful Having written about dozens of Beautiful Businesses in the last ten months, it was great to finally meet up in person with the inspiration behind one; namely, Sven … Continue reading

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Smarteria – Turning Junk into Innovative Fashion by Ceri Heathcote

The saying goes “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. This is definitely true of Smarteria, the ethical fashion brand working in Cambodia to provide jobs and a positive future … Continue reading

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Secret Seed Society… Engaging kids,Cooking and Growing for a healthier,happier life.

Beautiful businesses not only care about the environment and nature, they also educate, teach and inform others about its importance. This beautiful business has come up with an amazing idea … Continue reading

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Beautiful Business is back from summer break

Hi Friends and Followers Beautiful Business is back after its summer break. Keep in touch for the best examples of sustainable, ethical and beautiful businesses. Perhaps suggest your own business … Continue reading

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Monkey Char…a Perfect Blend

How about a personal, bespoke tea blending service? Sounds amazing doesn’t it. How about the innovative blend of tea and fine art. What better way to give a gift or … Continue reading

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Rewilding Made Simple

A video intro to the fabulous new book by George Monbiot, Journalist and campaigner

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Choose Sealife aka Trainspotting by RSPB Scotland

RSPB Scotland new campaign….Choose Sealife, is their latest marine campaign video and is now online. It’s a pastiche of Trainspotting and features a giant puffin and kittiwake being chased down … Continue reading

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EqualiTea…Fair Trade, Fair Tea

As noted in a previous profile and in spite of the coffee shop boom, tea remains a hugely popular drink. Finding good quality tea with the right values can sometimes … Continue reading

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An Organic Farmers story


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The Herbjar…Caring for the Skin you’re in…

Nothing resonates more with our own sense of wellbeing than the face we see looking back at us from the mirror every morning. Our concern with the way we look … Continue reading

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Seba Dizajn…500 years of beauty.

Can you imagine a family business which goes back five centuries! A beautiful business which reaches back in time, capturing age-old designs and passing on incredible skills…This is the incredible … Continue reading

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Country Bazaar…Small is Beautiful in the Highlands of Scotland

The Beautiful Business project has profiled a significant number of small and medium sized businesses, and each has its own special and unique contribution to make. It was the great … Continue reading

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Elves need not Apply:Beautiful leathercraft made by Brodequin Shoesmakers…

The more you seek, the more you find….Ive found something beautiful again, hiding away in Devon in the UK. This time its a shoemaker demonstrating the skills and craft needed … Continue reading

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Do the Green Thing

Don’t Dont Walk by Emily Oberman

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European Union take on EcoInnovation

The European Union tries to take on EcoInnovation a’ la American Pie…very strange

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Are you a Misfit?…

A harsh reality or an untapped vein of imagination, creativity and innovation? Its not about the habits, its about potential skills…think differently.

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YVON Chouinard, Founder Patagonia clothing

Apple doesn’t want you to fix your phone, they want you to buy a new one next year. I can’t relate to a company like that. Beautiful business summed up….beautifully

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Cool infographic on Oil and its Impact

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LuLin Tea…Fair Deals for Farmers

According to the Tea Council, people in the UK consume 165 million cups of tea a day. Staggering you might think, but unfortunately we are long way short of some … Continue reading

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Beautiful Business…What’s in a Name?

How true is the name of a company? Does a company live up to its name? And is it serving the right audience? This is a guest piece by Carolyn … Continue reading

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Bamboo baBy…Try Something Beautiful

Creating beautiful clothes for children whilst thinking about the way they’re made and the impact they have is becoming increasingly important for both businesses and parents. Being innovative, responsible and … Continue reading

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The story of Fair Trade

Great video, watch, learn and spread the word

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Just Trade…A Jewel in the Beautiful Business crown.

Beautiful Businesses have something special to offer and this one is no different. This is Just Trade and they specialise in beautiful Fair trade jewellery created by some of the … Continue reading

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The Organisation for Responsible Business ORB

 Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB) is a membership organisation for beautiful UK-based businesses – businesses that pledge to consider people and the environment when making business decisions; businesses that try … Continue reading

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The Story of the Stone Carver…Tom Clark

When it first started one of the original intentions behind Beautiful Business was to explore the beauty associated with skill and craft. This beautiful business embodies these intentions. A timeless … Continue reading

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The Rag and Bone Man….A modern day craftsman.

When I was a child the rag and bone man came round on a horse drawn cart shouting ‘rag a bone!’ as he went. His cart was often full of … Continue reading

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Johari…… Beautiful Business Supporting Communities in Kenya

The Beautiful Business project has showcased a wide range of businesses, social enterprises and charitable organisations. What links them is their enthusiasm for supporting people and communities. This organisation is … Continue reading

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Cashmirino…Bringing Beautiful Business values to Children’s Clothes

Beautiful Business is always trying to bring you something new, something different and something special. This showcase profiles the children’s clothing business Cashmirino….mixing style with values, bringing love to life.

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Bergslagsgatan: Granliden Mittens….Small is very Beautiful

Beautiful businesses come in all shapes and sizes, some engaged in simple and some in complex tasks. But to coin and phrase, it ain’t what you do it the way … Continue reading

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Stone masons magic…Part One

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Rosendal’s Garden, Stockholm…A Green Oasis

I always feel excited by my new discoveries and I want to share this one with you. Read this profile and take away the beauty, the inspiration and share the … Continue reading

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The Sustainable Revolution will be …….sshhhhh…..Quiet

Thanks to the Brundtland Report of 1987, we should pretty much know what the common definition of sustainability is by now.

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A few weeks ago week showcased eco-fabrics and design. One of the businesses mentioned in the follow-up was Sympatico. We just had to find out more. This is the wonderful … Continue reading

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Tulsi Crafts…A Beautiful Business Changing Lives in Bangladesh

Beautiful Businesses do things with passion. It’s not about the profit, the fast buck and squeezing the margins. Its about more than that. Beautiful Businesses are people-orientated….they put people before … Continue reading

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Edison Manufacturing Co…Each stitch Hard Won

Dave McKinney likes to keep things real…and he has the credentials to prove it. Disenchanted with the 9-5, Dave decided to strike out on his own. This is the story … Continue reading

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Polestar Hearth Bread ….Unsung Heroes of Daily Bread in the Community

In my attempt to share the best beautiful businesses with you, I spend lots of time scouring the web, casting the net far and wide. Wherever we might find them, … Continue reading

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Beautiful Futures…Maybe

A series of short films by Sony-Futurescape each setting out a possible vision or scenario for the future. Thought provoking and intelligent, this is a great way of looking at … Continue reading

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Polestar Hearth bakery….beautiful daily bread

A Beautiful video by Blair Cameron on the Artisan community bakery Polestar Hearth.

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Eco Friendly Smart Phones…Life cycle and Impacts

Beautiful business welcomes submissions from a range of contributors. Last week we had two students from Ca’Foscari University of Venice. This week we have a contribution from one of their … Continue reading

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Sustainability and Civic Pride, Casier…A Beautiful Town

Beautiful business welcomes submissions from a range of contributors. Last week we had two students from Ca’Foscari University of Venice. This week we have a contribution from one of their … Continue reading

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Have You Visited Your Values Today? Don’t get caught by Monkey Mind…Mindfulness in Business

This is a metaphor warning issued by the Metaphor office…the overuse of metaphors is about to occur. Do not take cover, bear with me and it will soon pass….but metaphors … Continue reading

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