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Submit a Beautiful Business

To use a current popular term, the dynamic behind the blog is co-production – we do this thing together.  Its not really for me to set out values or provide clearly defined definitions cast in iron. But I can suggest the frames of reference…the rest is up to you…perhaps this is something we might think about together.


If you have a beautiful business you want to put forward for inclusion then its easy. You can:

Either comment below with a weblink or set of references Or Tweet me @beautifulbizz with a contact email Or email me at

You might also leave a comment on any of the features listed. I look forward to your inspirational beautiful businesses.


6 comments on “Submit a Beautiful Business

  1. Leona Mani

    Hi there, great to connect on twitter, would be fabulous if you could feature our brand new website,, take a look and let me know what you think 🙂

    • beautifulbusiness

      Hi Leona
      Hope you are well sorry for any delay getting back to you been hectic today. I would love to cover you. I will look through the website and get back to you early next week with a draft and some possible questions which might help illuminate your site.
      Best regards Darren

  2. Emily

    Hello! I enjoy your blog – I think we are a collection of beautiful businesses! Please take a look Fab goods from UK social enterprises!

  3. Stylish Organics

    Hello! Just came across this wonderful site. Enjoyed reading some of the entries on the home page. We are a beautiful business and are celebrating our 1st year anniversary this month. Would be great if we could be included here. Take a look at our ecommerce boutique and let me know what you think. 🙂

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